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Man Has 100 Orgasms Left Before He Will Permanently Lose Erection

In a rare case of Enchanted Rose penis, a man has claimed that he only has 100 orgasms left before his dong permanently transforms into a flaccid beast. According to BroBible, the man, only referred to as "R.L.S." suffers … Read More

Men Actually Get 3 Types of Erections And Other Boner Facts

Despite what the Declaration of Independence might say, it turns out that not all boners are created equal. In fact, men can achieve three different types of erections, all classified under awesome. According to BuzzFeed, … Read More

Win A FREE Edition of Exotic Interludes Adult Board Game

Friend of the show and adult star Lexi Love has been so kind in donating a copy of "Uncle Don's Exotic Interludes", which is essentially a board game where strip poker meets monopoly that she helped developed. I've played … Read More

Melissa King Unfairly Outed By GirlsDoPorn aka Bubblegum Casting, A Shady Modeling Agency

  There are many sacred trusts that should never be broken between an adult production company and its performers. But last year, when this article was originally published, GirlsDoPorn (NSFW, dum dum), broke the … Read More

New THC Vaginal Lubricant Foria Gets Your Vagina High

For centuries civilizations have experimented with how to incorporate cannabis into everyday products, almost as much as I've experimented with how to incorporate everyday products into my masturbatory habits. Well now, … Read More