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New THC Vaginal Lubricant Foria Gets Your Vagina High

foria thc weed lubricantFor centuries civilizations have experimented with how to incorporate cannabis into everyday products, almost as much as I’ve experimented with how to incorporate everyday products into my masturbatory habits. Well now, thanks to Foria, the flagship product from California-based Aphrodite Group, those worlds have collided in a blissfully lubricated marriage of the minds with the word’s first medical marijuana-based lube. Read More

An Apology To International Mr. Leather And The Leather Community

Eric Barry international mr. leatherI need to apologize. I fucked up. And I’m sorry.

Last week I wrote a piece about my experience at my first International Mr. Leather. The piece was intended to be a discussion about gender identity, transphobia, and what integration looks like as LGBT(IQQA, etc.) rights continue to progress in our society. My experience at IML was referenced solely as a jumping off point for this discussion. Read More

WATCH: Lorde’s Grammy Performance Without Auto-Tune


I love Lorde. Not only is she a fantastic vocalist, at 17 she actually seems to get what most industry folks 4x her senior still don’t, and it was pretty great to see her able to shout that message straight to the A-list music celebrities sitting right in front of her at last night’s Grammys.

That said, I have wondered if every televised performance I’ve seen of hers is lipsynced. It just sounds too much like the original track.

But now, thanks to Youtube’s John Swan, we finally know what Lorde sounds like without the help of auto-tune.


Shine on, little lady.

VIDEO: The Alternate Ending to “Breaking Bad” We All Suspected

hal-walter-whiteJust as many of us suspected, Bryan Cranston is just too loveable to ever actually play a meth cooking, child poisoning, murdering sociopath. Thankfully we finally get the resolution we’ve been looking for when it turns out that Walter White was nothing more than a figment of Hal from Malcom in the Middle’s imagination.


I didn’t think I could love Bryan Cranston or Jane Kaczmarek any more, but this is just proof that their awesomeness knows no bounds.

I’m just waiting for the final director’s cut to tie this all together when it’s revealed that Hal was actually a nitrous-induced waking dream of Dr. Whatley’s.

[via Laughing Squid]

Muni “Monster Mash” Etiquette Video is Everything Amazing and Terrible

Monster Mash Muni VideoIf there’s one thing I know about the San Francisco MTA, it’s that they really understand what their patrons want. And apparently the riders have spoken, as we’ve just been delivered the “Monster Mash” Muni etiquette video we’ve all been clamoring for.


  • Old people are indistinguishable from skeletons, so you should probably give up your seat if you see either

I seriously watched this video three times through. IT’S INCREDIBLE. I want to know the process from pitch to production. Someone said:

Hey, I think we should make a video telling kids not to be dicks and  to offer up their seats when an old person is around. Let’s use a song that’s over half a century old, because you know, the youth. Also, let’s make sure the song we use is only relevant for two days after we release the video.


Absolutely. Someone get Johnson from lyrics on this. I want him talking about all the issues: old ladies in purple, the need for feet to be rested, and klingons and their asian kids.


As far as I can tell, the video features two types of people: those who are visibly convinced people will see this and say “Hey, it looks like I’ve had it all wrong about Muni being a depressing colostomy vessel this whole time”, and those who didn’t want to get fired. The guy at :53 can’t even stand the THOUGHT of what the video was going to sound like.

You’ll notice the bus doesn’t move throughout most of the video, which means either they had the forethought not to interrupt an actual Muni line’s commute or the driver was taking a smoking break.

Nothing will ever top my all-time favorite Monster Mash parody though:

Ride safely guys, and watch out for skeletons in purple fleece.