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Full Disclosure Named “Best Sex-Positive Podcast” By The Chicago Reader

Good news, everyone! Full Disclosure was just named "Best Sex-Positive Podcast" in the 2015 Chicago Reader "Best Of" issue. The annual issue is a collection of reader voted and editor selected "best of" cultural happenings … Read More

Why I Want To Eat You Out

To give, or not to give? That seems to be the question. There's been a lot of hullabaloo recently about giving blowjobs on the internet, particularly after comedian Alison Stevenson wrote for Vice that she's never giving a … Read More

The Shame Of Sex For A Young Christian

When I tell people who I used to be, they're often incredulous. And not just because I used to be black. It’s because I was withdrawn, lacking in all things self-esteem, clad in Matrix gear, and emphatically Christian. When … Read More

Man Has 100 Orgasms Left Before He Will Permanently Lose Erection

In a rare case of Enchanted Rose penis, a man has claimed that he only has 100 orgasms left before his dong permanently transforms into a flaccid beast. According to BroBible, the man, only referred to as "R.L.S." suffers … Read More

Men Actually Get 3 Types of Erections And Other Boner Facts

Despite what the Declaration of Independence might say, it turns out that not all boners are created equal. In fact, men can achieve three different types of erections, all classified under awesome. According to BuzzFeed, … Read More