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Why The Raid Puts Sex Workers At More Risk, By A Former Sex Worker

I am a former sex worker. An escort. A man, who amongst many other things, engaged in consensual sexual acts with other men in exchange for money. I never did so under duress. No more so than any of us are enslaved to our … Read More

Full Disclosure Named “Best Sex-Positive Podcast” By The Chicago Reader

Good news, everyone! Full Disclosure was just named "Best Sex-Positive Podcast" in the 2015 Chicago Reader "Best Of" issue. The annual issue is a collection of reader voted and editor selected "best of" cultural happenings … Read More

Why I Want To Eat You Out

To give, or not to give? That seems to be the question. There's been a lot of hullabaloo recently about giving blowjobs on the internet, particularly after comedian Alison Stevenson wrote for Vice that she's never giving a … Read More

The Shame Of Sex For A Young Christian

When I tell people who I used to be, they're often incredulous. And not just because I used to be black. It’s because I was withdrawn, lacking in all things self-esteem, clad in Matrix gear, and emphatically Christian. When … Read More

Man Has 100 Orgasms Left Before He Will Permanently Lose Erection

In a rare case of Enchanted Rose penis, a man has claimed that he only has 100 orgasms left before his dong permanently transforms into a flaccid beast. According to BroBible, the man, only referred to as "R.L.S." suffers … Read More