Archives for July 2013

WATCH: Crazy Rhubarb Lady is the Best Thing You’ll See on the Internet Today, Bitch.

The Gregory Brothers have some work to do. That's because The Rhubarb Lady has taken over the … [Read more...]

Zynga Sues “Bang With Friends” Because DERP DERP

Zynga, the online gaming company responsible for me blocking all my friends, is suing the creators … [Read more...]

Men: Talking to Women Isn’t That Hard

"Are you on OKCupid?" No response. "Are you on OKCupid?" Different woman, same response. The man … [Read more...]

WATCH: Why Anti-Porn Video Gets It All Wrong

KB Creative Labs has released a video that details the difference between the way sex is depicted in … [Read more...]

Pope Francis: Let’s Gay it Up in Here

During a press conference held aboard the pope's Flying Hat Jet today, Pope Francis announced that … [Read more...]