Breaking Up Logistics Eric Barry Full Disclosure

Shit gets real in this week’s episode as Eric deals with his recent breakup. No one make’s breakup CDs anymore, so Eric decided to make a breakup podcast. We’re joined in studio by comedian Kimberly Rose-Wendt, and briefly by Jess via Google Hangouts. Songs that marked particularly memorable moments over Eric’s relationship set the soundtrack as we discuss the shitty emotional and logistical issues that we’ve all experienced in our breakups.

Later we’re joined by adult performer, director, and author Madison Young. Madison discusses her philosophy regarding the body as a tool of artistic expression, as well as her new book and classes she’s offering at Kink.


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About Eric Barry

Eric Barry is a Chicago comedian, writer, and creator of Full Disclosure, voted "Best Sex-Positive" podcast by the Chicago Reader. He holds a B.A. in Theater & Performance Studies from UC Berkeley, and his work has been featured on Huffington Post, Cosmo, SF Chronicle, and more. He is currently working on developing a pilot based off his time in the sex work industry.