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I’ve long said that I much prefer to watch The Colbert Report to The Daily Show. The writing is hands down better, providing incredibly incisive satire that never lets go of the fact that it’s trying to make you laugh, even when navigating heartfelt issues.

I know I’m late to the game on this one, but if you didn’t catch Wednesday’s “People Who Are Destroying America”

“People Who Are Destroying America”
 segment on the Report, it’s absolutely fantastic. The recurring segment profiles individuals across the U.S. who are doing phenomenal things in their community, which you know, “Colbert” would hate.

Wednesday’s edition took a look at openly gay mayor of Vicco, Ky. Johhny Cummings. Vicco was one of the smallest towns in America (334 people) to pass LGBT anti-discrimination law which would prevent individuals from being evicted, fired, or denied housing or employment based on their perceived or actual sexual orientation and gender identity.

The ordinance was introduced by Cummings and passed 3-1 by the Appalachian’s commission, which I’m guessing is a small town’s version of a city council.

But what’s newsworthy now is the reaction of the rest of the town to the ordinance, and the almost tear-jerking support they’re showing Cummings.

Watch the segment below:

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