Salon men fake orgasms study

A new study conducted by reveals that when it comes to having an orgasm with your partner, a large percentage of men have been faking it.

The study, which is a follow-up to a similar one conducted earlier this year, shows that 22% of men have faked an orgasm when having sex with their partner.

To be fair, at no point does DatingAdvice state their sample size, but the results do seem to confirm similar studies, such as the wide-encompassing 2012 survey by AskMen, which sampled 49,000 men and found 22% of them were faking it as well.

The study broke down percentages of orgasm by other some additional demographics:

* Males aged 25-34 were almost three times as likely to fake an orgasm than their younger counterparts aged 18-24
* 33% of black respondents said they’ve faked an orgasm, the highest broken down by race. Asian males had the lowest reported rate at 18%
* Men who made more than $125,000 were 27% less likely to fake orgasm than those who couldn’t afford their own bust made of caviar to jerk off to

The reasons men fake orgasms can vary greatly from erectile dysfunction to depression, but according to a Salon interview with Abraham Morgentaler, an associate clinical professor of urology at Harvard Medical School, the reasons might actually be rooted in benevolence:

In their minds, it’s actually a form of kindness. They’re kind of letting the other person know that they’ve done a good job.

This is why I always say coming on a woman’s face is the best way to develop trust in a relationship. Morgentaler went on:

A guy’s sense of his masculinity, especially in the sexual realm, is not about what he experienced himself; he gets his sense of masculinity through the eyes of his partner … The idea that a man might be rejected because he can’t be an adequate provider sexually turns everything upside down. It wasn’t that long ago, the ’50s or so, that we saw this term about women doing their ‘wifely duty.’ It was assumed that women didn’t enjoy sex and that part of the marriage relationship was that the woman had to submit to it for the benefit of the relationship.

Obviously every woman I’ve ever slept with has come the hardest ever, and I’m constantly just spewing out semen like an infinity pool, so it’s hard for me to relate to the whole faking an orgasm thing. True story though – I did once fake NOT having an orgasm because I came so early, and then used my superpowers of eternal bonerage to just keep going till I hit orgasm part deux.

At least I’m glad that the men experiencing this issue are having sex. Faking an orgasm by yourself should only be reserved for Buddhist monks and webcam models.

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  1. I saw your blog on finding employment after sex work, and found it very interesting. I truly admire your desire for honesty in your interviews. It’s what builds trust, makes you a better employee. If you’re honest you generally have some of the other things that like to hang out with it, like morals and ethics. Or are those the same thing? Like the fact there really isn’t such a thing as breaking and entering, it just sounds cool on cop shows. I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but giving advice after it’s already been given by someone else is one of my specialties, sort of like a thrift store for words, except I don’t charge. What about Kickstarter? You’re offering an educational blog here. I haven’t listened to a podcast. Since they usually have a goal in mind, maybe it could be a published copy of a year’s worth of your blog (which you could then self-publish) and/or audiotapes of your podcasts?

    And just so I actually comment on this post, I did notice something thanks to the statistics classes I started, but never finished because I was never accepted into the programs I was taking the statistics class for. There’s a little snippet I’ve taken out, or is that a bad word to use on a blog featuring genitalia? “To be fair, at no point does DatingAdvice state their sample size.” I think this calls for more research, to discover if size has anything to do with men faking orgasm. Does size matter? Supposedly not…for women. No one ever asked men. Curiouser and curiouser. Will men start sneaking into back alley tea houses, emerging with small cakes and bottles in a little brown bag with “Eat Me/Drink Me” on a nondescript label?
    Statistics are very important. You should always see how they were collected.

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