Well this was certainly one of our most challenging podcasts to record. On this episode, Nick and Eric discuss what happened this past weekend at Eric’s Friendsgiving party, when Nick hooked up with a friend that Eric has feelings for (who’s also been a guest on the show).

We had to take 12 of these before we finally felt it looked authentic.

We start things off by playing a segment we recorded at Friendsgiving before things got dramatic.

Then we dive in to the past weekend’s not-so-fun events. Eric asks Nick for his perspective, and Nick struggles with opening up emotionally, and also admits he doesn’t remember much of the night. Eric gives his version, and elucidates the confusing aspects of his relationship with his friend. Jess chimes in, and feels that Eric’s taking things too personally, and that it’s hard for people to be held accountable for things they did while they were drunk.

Hey guess what? Ben Kolina’s on the show too! We chat Rob Ford, the dog that seized up and pissed all over Jess, and whether Eric moving to Chicago in January is the right choice.

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Eric Barry is a Chicago comedian, writer, and creator of Full Disclosure, voted "Best Sex-Positive" podcast by the Chicago Reader. He holds a B.A. in Theater & Performance Studies from UC Berkeley, and his work has been featured on Huffington Post, Cosmo, SF Chronicle, and more. He is currently working on developing a pilot based off his time in the sex work industry.