I recently asked a group of my friends how many people they'd slept with. "Probably around 15?" … [Read more...]

What People Don’t Understand: The Bipolar Ride of Self-Esteem That is Standup Comedy

I recently went on a date, and during that date I was asked what I do. As in, for a living. It's … [Read more...]

12 Things You’re Doing Wrong on OKCupid

There was a time when if you told people that you were online dating, they felt sorry for you, … [Read more...]

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What the Guy Rejected by 100 Women He Asked to Sleep With Should Have Said

If you didn't catch my post over the weekend, the Youtube prank group Whatever released a video … [Read more...]

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: The Fear That Relationships Are An Exhausting Merry-Go-Round

As of this past Thursday night, I've been officially single. Which is an odd thing to say, because I … [Read more...]