Episode 73: Nina Hartley


It’s Christmas and we’re getting pretty Holy with our Moly because we have THE Nina Hartley on the show! Nina is an icon in not just the world of porn, but sex education, sex positivity, women’s issues and more.

Eric Barry Nina Hartley Full Disclosure

We start things off with Emily VD and Eric calling up Nick, who’s partying in Vegas for Christmas. Eric and Emily chat briefly about the roast from last week, and the why shows that force you to prepare new material are so great.

nina hartley

Then we dive into things with Nina Hartley! Nina is a San Francisco 49ers fan as well, and keeps us updated on the Niners victory against the Falcons. Eric talks about the first time he met Nina, when she was giving a hair-pulling and spanking demo while Eric was a freshmen at UC Berkeley. Nina is actually from Berkeley, and she discusses the array of ideologies she was exposed to growing up in in the Bay Area in the 70′s.

It turns out Nina is incredibly modest as well – at no point was she seeking celebrity, nor was she entirely aware of it once she achieved it. We wrap things up with Nina discussing what her utopian society would look like, her views on polyamory, and how awesome it is that she OWNS Nina.com (NSFW)!
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Eric Barry is a Chicago comedian, writer, and creator of Full Disclosure, a podcast and media site dedicated to sex and comedy. He holds a B.A. in Theater & Performance Studies (he's not sure what that means either) from UC Berkeley. His work has been featured on Huffington Post, Broke-Ass Stuart, SF Chronicle, and more. He is a self-professed sex enthusiast, beer snob and pesto aficionado, and really sucks at lying.


  1. I’m embarrassed for the guy playing Kitty Glitter slots. Sheesh dude man up!

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