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We’ve got a full house this week as we welcome back to the show Dan Cummings, Kristen Rau, Sarah Zwinklis, and sex educator, hacker, and first-timer Chris Pent.

Chris is a professional hacker, hired by companies to intentionally find security breeches in their websites and other ostensibly secure data.

Chris details some of the more newsworthy hacks as of late, including the Adult Friend Finder, iCloud photo, FetLife, and Ashley Madison hacks. We discuss how exactly the hacks happened, as well as the mentality of those behind the breeches.

This leads to a discussion about the victims of these hacks, particularly those who are perhaps cheating on their partners, and those who choose to spy on their partners’ activity.

As most things do, this prompts us to a larger discussion about non-monogamy.

Rounding things out we talk about the practical steps that users can take in order to better protect themselves against hacks and the hackers that hack them.

Sarah Zwinklis, Eric Barry, and Kristen Rau.

Sarah Zwinklis, Eric Barry, and Kristen Rau.

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