#94: Andy Cross Interview, International Mr. Leather, Bad Rap Lyrics

This week Jess is back in the bedroom, along with Chicago improviser Caroline Allen. Eric went to International Mr. Leather this weekend, the world’s biggest convention for people in the gay leather community. While there he interviewed Andy Cross, IML 2013. Andy talks about how he got involved in the scene, its perception by mainstream society, and progress within the LGBT community.Andy Cross IML interviewLater Eric discusses what it was like to be a spectator at IML, including having his female partner kicked out of a party for being a woman. The crew discusses the notion of exclusivity within the LGBT community and whether it’s okay for certain fringe groups to marginalize others, and is also joined by Chicago comedian Mary Jordan.

iml ken melvoin berg eric barryiml eric barry elephant trunk dildoIML animal dildosIML animal dildos 2

What does the fox say?

Eric Barry dildo IML

Finally we talk about “Ass & Titties” and other rap songs, trying to discern whether or not they’re being ironic or earnest in their horrible lyrics.

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    […] For more from Eric Barry, follow him on Twitter or Facebook, and be sure to listen to the Full Disclosure sex podcast. This week’s episode features IML 2013 winner Andy Cross, International Mr. Leather and bad rap lyrics. […]

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