LIVE: The Roast of Eric Barry

Hey guys! We have a special bonus episode this week! As part of my going away extravaganza I organized a goodbye roast featuring some of San Francisco’s best comedians who I also consider to be friends in comedy. It took place at Milk Bar on Tuesday 12/17 and it was absolutely hilarious (I was crying [from laughter]) most of the time on stage.

Nick Palm Eric Barry Roast LIVE: The Roast of Eric Barry

Nick Palm roasting Eric Barry on stage.

My thanks to all my friends who came out and the comics who roasted me:
Josh Marcus
Nick Palm
Jules Posner
Leslie Small
Vince Mancini
Emily VD
Mean Dave
Matt Lieb
William Head

And a shout out to Mike Hillebrand and Jen Cowing who have helped make the comedy nights at Milk a place I’ll never forget through their hard work and even harder drinks. Be well and be loved!

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Eric Barry is a Chicago comedian, writer, and creator of Full Disclosure, a podcast and media site dedicated to sex and comedy. He holds a B.A. in Theater & Performance Studies (he's not sure what that means either) from UC Berkeley. His work has been featured on Huffington Post, Broke-Ass Stuart, SF Chronicle, and more. He is a self-professed sex enthusiast, beer snob and pesto aficionado, and really sucks at lying.

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