The Dolls, Toys & video games uk e-book offers 14 years historical and Forecast info out there for every of the 129 items / providers lined. the goods / prone lined (Doll, toy & online game production) are categorised via the 5-Digit NAICS Product Codes and every Product and companies is then extra outlined and analysed through every one 6 to 10-Digit NAICS Product Codes. moreover complete monetary facts (188 goods: historical and Forecast stability Sheet, monetary Margins and Ratios) facts is supplied, in addition to facts (59 goods) for United Kingdom.

There are 129 Products/Services coated, together with:


1. Doll, toy & video game manufacturing
2. Doll & crammed toy mfg
3. Dolls & toy animals, incl accessories
4. Dolls, puppets & different figures no longer stuffed
5. Dolls, entire, greater than thirteen in., incl mechanical/electrical (except filled dolls)
6. Dolls, entire, thirteen in. or much less, incl style dolls, motion figures & creditors' miniatures (except stuffed)
7. Puppets, marionettes & different animals & figures no longer stuffed
8. Doll components (clothes, add-ons & playsets for dolls, incl type dolls & motion figures)
9. filled toys & dolls
10. filled dolls
11. crammed toy animals
12. different filled toys
13. elements, dolls/toy animals/action figures, incl. accessories/etc.
14. Dolls & crammed toys, nsk
15. Dolls & filled toys, nsk, nonadministrative-record
16. Dolls & filled toys, nsk, administrative-record
17. online game, toy & kid's car mfg
18. child carriages & kid's cars, other than bicycles with pneumatic tires
19. child carriages & strollers
20. kid's tricycles (incl pedal & chain driven), plastics construction
21. elements for kid's autos, bought separately
22. different kid's cars (automobiles, tractors, two-wheel sidewalk cycles, scooters, wagons, child walkers & sleds) (excl bicycles with pneumatic tires)
23. child carriages & kid's autos, other than bicycles with pneumatic tires, nsk
24. child carriages/children's veh., excl. bicycles w/ pneum. tires
25. child carriages and strollers
26. Plastics tricycles, together with chain and pedal driven
27. elements for kid's cars, offered separately
28. different kid's automobiles, excl. bicycles with pneumatic tires
29. child carriages and kid's autos, nsk
30. Toys, excl video games, leisure pursuits & digital toys
31. Nonpowered transportation toys & units, incl trains, nonriding, other than version kits
32. Toy trains & gear (mechanical & electric)
33. Plastics nonpowered transportation toys (nonriding, offered with out accessories), other than version kits, more than 6 in. in length
34. different nonpowered transportation toys (nonriding, bought with no accessories), other than version kits, more than 6 in. in length
35. different nonpowered transportation toys (nonriding, bought with out accessories), other than version kits, 6 in. in size or less
36. Nonpowered transportation toy units (nonriding, offered with accessories), other than version kits
37. different toys incl doll carriages, strollers, carts, homes & furnishings, musical toys & tools, boy or girl toys, nec
38. Doll carriages, strollers & doll carts
39. Doll homes & furnishings (excl creditors' doll homes, miniatures & accessories)
40. Musical toys & toy musical tools, other than electronic
41. youngster toys, nec, other than video games, leisure pursuits & digital toys
42. kid's coloring books & picture-word books, other than games
43. Juvenile-scale wearing items & inflatables (incl sand, water, gardening toys, etc)
44. elements for toys
45. Toys, nec
46. Preschool playsets & toys, nec (excl babies' toys, construction toys & digital toys)
47. Toy weapons, gun units & rifles
48. house responsibilities & cooking toys (incl tea units & play tools)
49. Toys, excl video games, spare time activities & digital toys, nsk
50. versions (operating or static), craft, structural & clinical apparatus kits, units & person units

/.. etc.

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