The Frozen area of expertise nutrients usa publication procuring file provides info at the Purchases of sixty seven uncooked fabrics, Semi-Finished, complete items, plus all different business-to-business Purchases and costs through the corporations and Entities within the Frozen uniqueness foodstuff area.

The Frozen forte nutrients usa booklet presents 14 years old and Forecast information at the enterprise to enterprise paying for and Procurement within the Frozen uniqueness foodstuff quarter companies and firms and the purchases for every of the uncooked fabrics, Semi-Finished, comprehensive items, prone, and charges coated. additionally complete monetary info (188 goods: old and Forecast stability Sheet, monetary Margins and Ratios) information is equipped, in addition to information (59 goods) for United States.

There are sixty seven Products/Services coated, together with:

FROZEN uniqueness FOOD

1. Frozen area of expertise food
2. chicken; dwell, clean, frozen, or ready (00190032) (for NAICS 311412)
3. Packaging paper & plastics movie, lined & laminated (001900A1) (for NAICS 311412)
4. baggage; plastics, foil & covered paper (001900A3) (for NAICS 311412)
5. fabrics & elements, components, boxes & provides (00970099) (for NAICS 311412)
6. fabrics, constituents, boxes & provides, n.s.k. (00971000) (for NAICS 311412)
7. clean greens (11100013) (for NAICS 311412)
8. White potatoes (11121100) (for NAICS 311412)
9. clean eco-friendly peas (11121901) (for NAICS 311412)
10. clean eco-friendly (snap) or wax beans (11121903) (for NAICS 311412)
11. clean candy corn (11121905) (for NAICS 311412)
12. clean culmination (11130005) (for NAICS 311412)
13. clean oranges (11131000) (for NAICS 311412)
14. clean apples (11133100) (for NAICS 311412)
15. clean strawberries (11133300) (for NAICS 311412)
16. fat & oils, every kind (purchased as such) (31100019) (for NAICS 311412)
17. Wheat flour (31121101) (for NAICS 311412)
18. Sugar, cane & beet (sugar solids) (31131003) (for NAICS 311412)
19. Frozen culmination (for extra processing) (31141101) (for NAICS 311412)
20. Frozen greens (for extra processing) (31141103) (for NAICS 311412)
21. Tomato paste (24 percentage NTSS identical) (31142105) (for NAICS 311412)
22. Cheese, average & method, (imitation cheese & substitutes) (31151303) (for NAICS 311412)
23. Meat; clean, frozen, or ready (31161000) (for NAICS 311412)
24. Paperboard boxes, bins & corrugated paperboard (32221001) (for NAICS 311412)
25. baggage; uncoated paper & multiwall (32222401) (for NAICS 311412)
26. steel cans, can lids & ends (33243101) (for NAICS 311412)
27. Aluminum foil packaging items, switched over or rolls & sheets (33299901) (for NAICS 311412)
28. uncooked & Feedstock fabrics, n.e.c.
29. complete fabrics, n.e.c.
30. All different enter fabrics & elements, n.e.c.
31. constructions & Fittings
32. Plant & Equipment
33. cars & Equipment
34. facts Processing, software program & workplace Equipment
35. Miscellaneous Capital Purchases
36. New expertise Purchases
37. technique expertise Purchases
38. examine & improvement Purchases
39. gasoline Purchases
40. strength Purchases
41. Sub-Contracted paintings Purchased
42. After-Sales companies Purchased
43. Technical strategy prone Purchased
44. Technical Product providers Purchased
45. criminal & Public family prone Purchased
46. Leasing of Buildings
47. apartment & Leasing of Equipment
48. monetary providers Purchased
49. development upkeep & companies bought
50. gear upkeep & providers bought
51. companies Purchased
52. Telecommunications & information Services
53. trip, inn & Subsistence Purchased
54. place of work offers, Mailing,
55. advertisements prone & Media Purchases
56. ads fabrics Purchases
57. element of revenues fabrics Purchases
58. Promotional fabrics & providers Purchases

/.. etc.

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